Who We are

Let’s get introduced!

Buzzindian acts as a reliable and proficient bridge connecting businesses with active influencers. We are rapidly emerging as a leading influencer marketing agency for businesses of various domains.

Through our wide network of active influencers connected over the years, we help you to launch campaigns successfully for your potential customers. We have specialization in ever-changing markets and hence, offer a strong platform for growing your business in the highly competitive industry.
Our influencers

Buzzindian takes pride in the key individuals who have always helped us in fulfilling our clients’ demands. We have influencers from various domains whether you need a niche mommy blogger or an enthusiastic travel blogger. Here, there’s someone for everyone.


Our team

Every member in Buzzindian team is highly skilled and experienced professional. They guide clients in identifying their targeted influencer and engaging them to create the most powerful campaign.


What we aim for

Focused on spreading word of mouth, our mission is to increase your brand awareness and generate sales for your business.
With around 84% of marketers planning to execute 1 influencer marketing campaign at the least, for the next 12 months, we are aiming at taking strategic approaches, specific for your business.


Hence, with Buzzindian, your influencer marketing campaign is sure to expand your horizons.



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