Home SEO Step by step guide to get quality backlinks using your website images

Step by step guide to get quality backlinks using your website images


Infographics or even ordinary images attract a lot of organic browsers. Sometimes the users will like your uploaded images so much that they will instantly copy that image in their personal website.

It is a well known fact that most of the people owning websites neither upload their original photographs nor even buy them. Who would waste time, money and energy in creating a similar image while they already have options to acquire other’s images? Thus, they would search for the appropriate graphics in Google image search and use those.

Most of the users are modest enough to give credit to the author and that is how a backlink is created. Every author desires to climb up the ranking of Google searches and getting backlinks shall help one to increase the ranking in Google. Here, I shall help you to know how to get backlinks using your own images.

It’s a good thing if people are using your good pictures in their blogs or websites because the more they use your images, the more backlinks you will receive. Of course there are always some forgetful people who wouldn’t specify the source of the image and keep it as a normal text.

You need to find and nicely remind these users to give you the deserving backlink for the image and your hard work spent on it.

Just perform these simple steps and get your acknowledgement.

Step 1:

Using a reverse image search you can discover those websites who are using your images.

Go directly to Google images search option and click in the tiny little camera on the right side of the task bar.


Step 2:

You can either upload the desired image from your personal computer or enter the URL of your website containing the image.


Step 3:

There are a couple of ways to search your image. The quickest is by clicking on all sizes and the other is by going through the pages enlisted below “Pages that include matching images” which is more time consuming due to the presence of various other similar images also.


Step 4:

After finding the websites, visit one and check for a match.


Step 5:

If the image belongs to you and if it has a correct backlink then it is fine. But if it doesn’t contain any attribute link, you should take a step now.


You can contact them and ask them to give you the valid backlink as a courtesy for the time and money you had spent in developing that image.

Few more uses:

Besides this, you can also search and find if your image is being used in a different resolution or not and other useful information about the image. You can also get a glimpse of similar images during times when you need an inspiration.

Don’t let anyone use your creation without any valid acknowledgement.


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