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The Rich Jack and The Handsome Cruise: Bond well!


Yes! It is true; believed it! It is like an all new theory that cracks up the old ones.

Well, Jack Ma, Alibaba Founder, in a recent meet on September 8 at the Chinese premiere of the movie Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation at Shanghai, with the Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise, couldn’t just stop complementing about each other.

He joked “I’m considered the most ugly and unique looking person in China” laughing and applauding alongside.

He went on saying that how envious he gets when he sees a handsome man.

Interestingly, Tom Cruise is the only damn handsome man he is not jealous of! Ma in fact said “he’s so great”.

Tom Cruise too returned compliments by saying nice things about Jack Ma.

Well, good going Cruise! What a bro-mance….. Certainly make our hearts melt.

Cruise is definitely used to getting compliments for being so handsome all the time, but this is new! Like publicly from a guy perhaps.

Jack added “I would like to see Mission Impossible 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”. Certainly the MI franchise should thank Ma for that!


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