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Google to penalize sites that prompt you to download their app


When we visit different sites, we often find there are pop-ups, showing to download application. So Google takes into account such sites and helps us by penalizing such sites. As we know that Google is one of the largest search engines in a worldwide basis, so it has announced that those sites which will prompt the user to download any kind of mobile app will be penalized from the day one of November.

“After November 1, mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page will no longer be considered mobile-friendly.”

After not being considered as mobile friendly, such sites won’t be taken into account by Google and will not be shown in the search engines. As, Google takes into consideration only mobile friendly sites. The testing tool for mobile friendly is being updated by Google. Along with that the usability report is also being updated, and it warns you if it finds a huge number of app download.

Also, Google helps you in the other way by letting the browser promote app, which are useful or user-friendly. So without using App download interstitials, people can download from the browser itself.

In July last year, Google made an announcement with a blog, by asking to reconsider App download interstitials. So it is trying to give penalty to app interstitials.

If any issue is being recommended by Google, it is wise to follow it, because there is a possibility that some change might take place. So it is better to take the advice of the Google.

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