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10 Fashion Bloggers to follow who will add stars to your Fashion Universe!


Blog and Fashion, in life they lay on the same page….

Confused? Let’s throw some light on this genre. Fashion reflects what your style is and Blogs utter the words of ideas. In short, both closely define personality. India, developing as the growing hub of fashion has many creative ideas to share, wrapped in perfect words of style and glamor. And these glorious ideas are reaching people by BLOGS!

These fashion blogs have LOT to offer. Starting from pictures, videos, DIYs, related links and of course answering to queries, they do it all. So, how will this help YOU?

They write not for themselves, but for you to know and stay updated about latest trends! So, add the tinge of sensation and glamor in your dress, accessorize it with funk and finally put on the shoes of confidence. And you are ready to click the selfie of Awesomeness…

Here are the 10 Fashion Bloggers to follow and add stars of style on you!

  1. Gia Says That : www.giasaysthat.com

Fashion columnist Gia Kashyap, the owner of Gia, Says That is creating a sensation since 2010. Being a graphic designer, her knowledge in fashion is overwhelming. From styling tips for her readers to learning about exotic food (Yes, she also owns a food blog, The Food Lab), she keeps the readers engaged in her blogs. And has a t-shirt line up too! Her blog has collaboration with known brands like – Biba, Shopper Stop, UCB and more!

  1. Style Drive : www.styldrv.com

Aayushi Bangur started Style Drive with enthusiasm to share her fashion journey and soon became a name for ‘fashion passion’! Her mantra – Simplicity makes the trend look most stylish is well reflected in her shared ideas, blogs, and tips… Also, it is amusing to read her online publishes for it is simple, clean yet give a clear perception.

Tip: Don’t miss on her amazing videos!

  1. Looking Good Feeling Fab : www.lookinggoodfeelingfab.com

Firstly, claps for the name of her site! ‘Looking good’ is fine but the feeling to feel gorgeous is what Abhilasha works on. Breaking the typical myths of fashion, this mother and entrepreneur offer a lot of advice on her fashion blog. Apart from this, you can follow her write ups on certain books she has gone through.

  1. Fashion Stirred : www.fashionstirred.com

Kanika Karvinkop, a young budding talent who started her fashion blog Fashion Stirred and soon collaborated with names like Tanishq, Beach Company, Label by Malaika Arora Khan and more. The exquisite call in her blog lies in the section – Get Styled, where Ms. Fashion Karvinkop personally styles her readers.

Follow her soon, and you can be next!

  1. Confessionz of a Closet : confessionzofacloset.com

The only confession Shaily Khera, the creator of this blog, has to make is her creativity cannot be matched! She started her blog back in 2011, and she religiously posts about the amazing styling tips, experiences, fashion hit and miss, Bollywood and the list continues. The best part about her blog is the section ‘Frankly Me’! Here, she replies to her readers’ questions in a very artsy manner!

  1. Fashion Lady : www.fashionlady.in

So, what is new in here? The answer is, EVERYTHING! Here, you will not get one, two but several leading fashionistas blogging about style and trends. From Bollywood to DIY, these ladies provide all of it! So, if you follow them, you will never run out of ideas again..

  1. Love and Other Bugs: www.loveandotherbugs.com

Do you feel that you have nothing to wear even when there is a wardrobe full of clothes? If yes, then start following Shereen and Kayaan of Love and Other Bugs! They have mastered the art of experimenting with their old clothes, and you can see how they add newness in that attire. It is no surprise that they have collaboration with brands like Vero Moda, Minawala, Only and their readers!

  1. Fuss : fuss.co.in

Fashion depends a lot on one’s imagination and creativity. Rhea Gupte from Fuss is exactly doing the same. With a camera in hand, she is clicking some amazing shots flaunting her natural style and persona. A dusky tone paired with glamour and confidence is exactly what you don’t want to miss. Her blog is associated with names like Vogue, GAS, Wills Lifestyle, Jabong.com and so many other labels!

  1. Feisty Fox Diaries : feistyfoxdiaries.com

Stephanie Timmins, the women who will change your outlook towards lifestyle. This amazingly charming lady talks about her passion and inspiration for fashion.  It all lies in the beautiful places she travels and hints of style residing amidst the cultural diversity and freedom of nature that she gathers. Her blog has collaboration with some of the biggest names like Ponds, Reliance Trends, Vero Moda, etc.

  1. Guilty Bytes : www.guiltybytes.com

Awarded as the top blogger in 2014 by Elle, Devina Malhotra in herself is a house of style. Her blogs don’t limit themselves to styling but talk about a way of living stylishly. What to wear, what to eat, she presents it all in her blog…some of the best brands related to her blog is W for women, GAP, etc.

If you still don’t follow them, start doing it now before fashion leaves your station!


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