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What CEO Jack Dorsey wrote to Twitter staff when he had to let go off 336 people


Here’s the letter Jack Dorsey, the company’s co-founder and new permanent CEO, sent to employees this morning.

From: Jack Dorsey To: All Employees Date: October 13, 2015 Subject: A more focused Twitter


We are moving forward with a restructuring of our workforce so we can put our company on a stronger path to grow. Emails like this are usually riddled with corporate speak so I’m going to give it to you straight.

The team has been working around the clock to produce streamlined roadmap for Twitter, Vine, and Periscope and they are shaping up to be strong. The roadmap is focused on the experiences which will have the greatest impact. We launched the first of these experiences last week with Moments, a great beginning, and a bold peek into the future of how people will see what’s going on in the world.

The roadmap is also a plan to change how we work, and what we need to do that work. Product and Engineering are going to make the most significant structural changes to reflect our plan ahead. We feel strongly that Engineering will move much faster with a smaller and nimbler team, while remaining the biggest percentage of our workforce. And the rest of the organization will be streamlined in parallel.

So we have made an extremely tough decision: we plan to part ways with up to 336 people from across the company. We are doing this with the utmost respect for each and every person. Twitter will go to great lengths to take care of each individual by providing generous exit packages and help finding a new job.

Let’s take this time to express our gratitude to all of those who are leaving us. We will honor them by doing our best to serve all the people that use Twitter. We do so with a more purpose-built team, which we’ll continue to build strength into over time, as we are now enabled to reinvest in our most impactful priorities.

Thank you all for your trust and understanding here. This isn’t easy. But it is right. The world needs a strong Twitter, and this is another step to get there. As always, please reach out to me directly with any ideas or questions.


Your Facebook profile will look different soon


Facebook is about to look completely different — here’s what’s coming


Find your strategy: 6 actionable social media strategies from successful brands


Today the most influential source affecting lives of this population is social media. In order to earn accolades here you have to be able to provide something fresh which has been never seen before.

In conducting an analytical study in connection with seeking the reasons as to why some brands are more successful than others, social media tops the list. There can be several approaches adopted to popularize a brand, surveys may be conducted with the goal of establishing needs of this population or the brands could go in for wide scope publicity of the brand. Reaching out to the target, which is people, is important, implying the importance of a high attraction quotient and applicability.
There are certain tips which can be obtained from other brands, they are as follows:

Lesson 1: Focus on Images like HubSpot

Psychologically speaking visual images stimulate brain waves more than any other sensation; if you can appeal to the customer visually you are sure to be successful. Pictures are posted mostly on social media; this shows how important it is.


Endorsing can be a monumental task and it demands those involved in the marketing of the product to come up with visually stimulating content. Boundaries must be pushed to the limit and newer and more appealing pictures must replace those images which have grown old. Using sites like Facebook and Twitter for publicizing the product will be a smart way of publicity and comparatively cheaper.

Ways to do it:

  • Create visually stimulating cover photos for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Make use of various editing apps like Piktochart in order to create interesting headlines and charts and much more.
  • Download unique photos from sites like Unsplash and use them in your social profile.
  • Be active on social media and keep posting new trendy and eye catching images to keep viewers and customers hooked on.

Lesson 2: Be value oriented like MailChimp

What you can do is to make the customers feel loved and important. If people feel that they matter, they are automatically going to tilt loyalties to the source which is making them feel so. Publicity of this loyalty through social media can lead to tremendous success.


Efficiency of MailChimp can be demonstrated through their twitter reply threads to their customer. They ensured customer satisfaction by designing a product which provides customers with in-depth answer to their queries.

Ways to do it:

  • Take advantage of your social networking profiles and analytics to identify the latest trend.
  • Keep tab on social hubs like HubSpot in order to gain insight which you might be able to present to customers.
  • Ensure best social media customer service to gain a large, loyal customer base.

Lesson 3: Focus on Content like Red bull

Red bull has redefined the words “quality over quantity”; they do not go overboard and fill their Instagram profile with posts, but what they do post manage to reach out to the target population and in turn boosts their marketing skills.

Redbull Facebook

The Red Bull tagline is very catchy and it instantly grabs attention of viewers. It instills thought on the reckless part of the human mind. How to inspire you may ask, start by knowing the audience better. You can do this by:

  • Keeping a tab on the Facebook tools to know the likes and dislikes.
  • Trying to understand their needs by analyzing their search with the help of Google AdWords.
  • Give the audience something to believe in, something to motivate and something to pull them to the store and purchase those items you are endorsing.

Lesson 4: Show Your Customer like Square

Rather than depicting experts telling the audience about the utilities and usefulness of any product, conduct a program where you record the views of customers and showcase it via social media. It will produce ripples in social media and is sure to have a magnetic pull on customers.


The world of advertising even through social media is believed to be rather superficial and therefore interviews of customers and sharing how the product concerned benefited them and helped cater to specific needs and caused positive change will be a great way of publicity.

While interviewing follows these:

  • Be a part of customer service team and seek help from the case study guide from HubSpot to ensure better understanding of your customer needs.
  • Don’t just stick to a limited target population, go beyond. Inculcate various diversities not just of race, but personalities too. The greater the reach of the product, the more success it will have.

Lesson 5: Action speaks louder than words, like Coca-Cola

Words are easy to speak and if you are someone with eloquent vocation, it will be an easy task. Human nature, however learns to trust less on words and more on them turning those words into reality. Coca-Cola makes a lot of promises, but it would not be so popular if it did not live up to its promises and goals.


Coca-cola clearly depicts its goals by actually being part of many activities which aim at changing the world and improving conditions around the world. This appeals to the people and makes them go to stores and buy it. Sticking to goals and seeing them through makes this particular brand item stand out.

  • Highlight special projects undertaken by your company by sharing stories which will endear it more to the customers.
  • Make sure that you have a clear understanding of your company’s motto and vision. Reach out to the customers and make sure they understand them as well.

Lesson 6: Uphold Cultural values like Intuit

Two things to take into consideration are that first there is much cultural diversity in this world and so you should make the promotions more culturally diverse and secondly highlight the positives of these cultures. Intuit makes this a very handy tool and portrays how employment at their institution will not only benefit career but mental satisfaction as well. They highlight their position in the optimal places where working is favored.


After imbibing the points above it should be concluded that the best way to learn is from the mistakes you make and the responses you get from the people using your brand. Learn from it and make the best of the resources at hand.

You can start by:

  • Working with the human resources department and making sure that the individuals that make up your company is highlighted.
  • Bringing forward the humanitarian side of your brand through documentaries of outings and meetings of the company.

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What’s New in Social Media – Check out latest updates from May, 2015!


Productivity has reached almost its zenith in the month of May and truly, it has been a splendid month altogether for all three major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Content searching and content consumption has become easier with Facebook as the social media platform ranking 2nd globally in terms of popularity, has come up with some a unique way. Twitter, on the other hand, no less popular in comparison to Facebook, has unrolled the best ways to have your tweets indexed in Google. Even if searching for tweets within the site has been troublesome for you, no more of that will come in your way! And your favourite video sharing website has updated how to integrate product listing ads along with some extremely fascinating data.

Here you go on into the details!

Always loathed visiting Google time and again, even while using Facebook? No need to do so anymore, as Facebook users can now retrieve content, within the site. Its new in-app search engine system is now running a trial to test if it is capable of crawling the web or not. Currently run on a select group of Facebook users, upon its successful result, the update will be launched soon.

Basically, this new update is an extension of its facility of updating status, where just next to the photo adding and location tagging option, this new “add a link” option will appear. So far the users have to depend on third party search engines in order to look for a suitable content or to directly visit that site to grab its link. But, eliminating this need, Facebook users can now directly find a piece of content by crawling through millions of indexed posts.

More than this, they have also updated their Instant Article facility that can be considered an amazing way to consume as well as read content. With this tool, users can now access and load articles 10 times faster. No doubt, Facebook is intelligent enough to allow publishers to sell ads and keep their revenues coming in!

Think of signing up to Twitter, without having an account! Sounding strange? That is precisely, what its new update has launched and bestowed its prospective users with!

Periscope, the live streaming app for Twitter’s iOS, previously needed a user to sign in through Twitter. But now, it will not require you to sign in through your account details altogether, rather you can get access to those very features of Twitter, just by using your phone number. No need to link your Twitter account with the site to access its features.


Not only this, it has also redesigned its version and its new interface has brought an even more streamlined feel or look of this iOS. So far, Periscope and Twitter account were paired together to follow and find other tweets from the Twitters in connection and thus, view all the live streaming of those connections.

But with this new update, you no longer require a Twitter account to get in touch with all the latest tweets in your connection. And the tweets can even be seen in search results pages in real time.

This is probably the most innovative of all the updates that have come forward in this month from all of the various social media platforms. Google has recently announced about their TrueView feature. It is an integration that Google has formed between YouTube videos and product listing ads. This TrueView feature is a dedicated app for shopping that will allow marketers to have a complete control over each and every advertisement that appears along with a video, right down the video or image, and features its details. These ads also call the potential buyers to come to action and proceed to buy that product or service.


This opportunity for the advertisers will enhance their chance or give them the chance to promote their ads at the right time and at the right place. Product listing ads have always been a top priority for marketers and giving them the opportunity to place these ads at the end of a video will increase their chances of drawing attention of a potential buyer.

This update has been launched as a connection between watching a video regarding a product and the moment in which a person decides to buy it. This TrueView feature will make sure that a viewer gets all the required information regarding a product and thereby, the video achieves its purpose of convincing the buyer to purchase it.
This TrueView feature will also be beneficial for the marketers to determine the standard of their videos. Although videos can be reviews for a product or a general discussion of a product or news related to a latest launch or even a detailed presentation of all similar products in that category, determining which presentation and which moment converts a viewer to a potential buyer is important for a marketer. Hence, this new feature will be quite useful for those, who create a video for sales purposes.

This unique system of integrating video ads with product related specific advertisements, by Google Merchant Centre will match up the purpose of this entire process. Marketers can now add products dynamically to their videos or rather video ads and connect the products to the specific users using their demographic info and location.

Truly, these new updates from these major social media platforms have been extremely innovative. Now it is a matter of waiting and watching, how these new updates are accepted by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users. With such innovative and detailed thinking involved in the launching of these updates, these are quite promising to go a long way.