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IBM Cross Platform Mobile Development Is a Necessity in Modern Industry


There has been a tremendous increment in the usage of mobile applications over the recent few years and there is still a lot of scope for expansion in this field. This is the reason why all the leading software companies have started focusing on mobile application development. However, there are challenges which these companies have to overcome, such as time, investment and mainly compatibility with different OS. This is where something like ibm cross platform mobile development comes to the rescue.

Need for Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Any application created for an Android platform will never be compatible with any other platforms, and vice versa is also true. Thus, for making an application compatible with other platforms, almost double time and effort is required. This has led to the need and development of cross platform mobile applications. Such apps minimize the effort required for the developers to create or test mobile apps on multiple platforms. For instance, iOS and android app development no longer requires a huge amount of time.

These tools have a very simple theme. It allows developers to create apps with any customer language, be it java, HTML, or any scripting language whatsoever. Once the app is designed and executed, the developers simply need to use a function for generating an app that performs the same function on any mobile platform. This is how IBM cross platform mobile development allows creation of apps that can work on any mobile device, including Android, iOS, Blackberry and other mobile platforms.

Why Should Businesses Go For Cross Platform Apps ?

If you want to have an application for your business, it is always advisable to opt for cross platform apps. If you want to reach majority of the audiences, you should have application for all major mobile platforms, which must include Android and iOS devices. You can choose to have separate applications for each platforms, but they will eventually cost you more. Furthermore, cross platform apps are more efficient and those also have more market popularity. Therefore, if you want an mobile application for your business, it is recommended to go for IBM cross platform mobile development which can get you both android and IOS app in best prices.

Cross Platform App Development Benefits

Some benefits associated with development of cross platform apps include:
• This development technique allows the developers to reuse the codes in other projects as well, thus saving a lot of time in rewriting codes again. This benefit is particularly highlighted in iOS mobile application development.
• Easy access to modules and plug-ins are provided to the developers. These modules can be easily plugged into other tools and services.
• Along with modules and plug-ins, cross platform frameworks also offer direct integration with cloud services.
• Cross platform mobile application development also offers a much faster deployment and compilation of applications.
• Companies don’t need to hire mobile development service for each platform. They can target multiple platforms by getting apps developed for these platforms.
• With the help of this technology, iOS, android, windows app development can be done by even web developers as they can easily use open source cross platform frameworks.

Your Facebook profile will look different soon


Facebook is about to look completely different — here’s what’s coming


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says It’s Introducing a ‘Dislike’ Button


Facebook is finally announcing that it is all set to launch its ‘dislike’ button after years of requests by its social media platform users.

In a Q&A session at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park in California, Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg said to his audience on Tuesday.

“People have asked about the ‘dislike’ button for many years. Probably hundreds of people have asked about this, and today is a special day because today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it, and are very close to shipping a test of it.”

The button would be a way for Facebook users to express empathy, he said, adding that he did not want it to turn into a mechanism for people to “down vote” others’ posts on the social media platform.

It will be for times when clicking ‘like’ on ‘sad’ posts felt insensitive.

Apple Introduces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with 3D touch screen, finger print scanner and advanced camera


The next big thing in the world of Smartphones was recently unveiled by Apple, and San Francisco beared witness to the event. Apple provided the world with the first glimpse of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus while Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple went on to describe these phones as “the most advanced” ones ever used by mankind. Indeed, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus comes with technologies that are unforeseen. Here are the new inventions.

Features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

The most intriguing feature is going to be the 3D touch technology that is a first for Smartphones. It works in a unique way by judging the pressure exerted by the user on the touch screen. For instance, a light touch can give you a preview of the menu while a normal tap will launch the menu. A 3D tap on facebook/twitter icons can help you to post a status without even opening the app. The feature is pretty cool and absolutely unprecedented.

The next great thing is the phones’ camera. Rear camera has been upgraded to 12 MP and the front one is going to be 5 MP for either for these phones. The display light itself will work as flash while capturing photos using front camera. But the best part is, one can now capture still photos with audio. Yeah, apple came up with this awesome hybrid between stills and videos which is something to look out for and you’ll also get the frames just prior and post to your capture. There’ll be faster autofocus, better performance in low light and revised color detection.

In the realm of security, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will have fingerprint scanners, so the users will have access to absolute privacy and complete protection in case of theft.

Both the phones would be operating on iOS 9 and will support LTE band/ Wi-Fi. They’ll be powered by M9 motion co-processor and A9 SoC.

Color, Price and Availability

IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are going to come with the following color options:

  • Space Grey.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Rose Gold with an aluminum finish.

The last one is the latest addition to Apple’s color palette.

Prices of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be as follows:

  • iPhone 6 with 16GB memory would cost $649, iPhone 6 with 64 GB memory will be priced $749, and iPhone 6 with 128 GB memory is going to be priced $849 GB.
  • In case of iPhone 6 plus, the price would be $749 for the 16 GB phone, the 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus will cost $849, and iPhone 6 plus with 128 GB memory will be priced $949.

All the prices were given here are with respect to the US market, other countries will have corresponding prices while nothing is known yet about the launch date or price of iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 plus in India.

The phones are, however, scheduled to be launched in 12 countries across the globe on 25th September, 2015. These twelve selected countries are the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Singapore.

Google maps introducing new features


To bring new features in Google map, Google is working on it. It is trying to add things like more personalization, filters and content for the Android. This is being done in places like UK and US. Also, if you want to dine out to the nearest location, Google map will help you to get some new-curated recommendations.

After you select the place where you want to dine out, you can go into the depth of it and find out the details of the place. All the photos are available and you can just look into it. Also, for the benefit of the user it gives the review and ratings of the place. This helps you to decide whether you want to visit it or not. It also saves your time by giving the best-rated place at once, so you do not have to search for it.

Also, it helped in exploring the process of translation and made it very much user-friendly with the mobile phones. Thus, helping the user to understand it at ease. The key word used are ‘near me’ and ‘nearby’ and has been used hugely by people since 2011.

Google maps introducing new features

The recommendations, which have already been given by exploring, changes with the change in location. So here you can adjust it by yourself with the help of the filter option and easily generate some different result. This proved to be very much useful with incremental.

Such new features and capabilities have projected out the visibility and utility of exploring. This explores feature is being used a little less now in Google maps. This makes it bring out something more in it. Also, it would have been very much useful if Google brings in the explore feature inside Google now. This would help the user to use and access it with ease.

Twitter comes with new behaviour-GIFs, videos and Vines will be automatically played by default


Today happens to be a remarkable day as Twitter declared to be the current social network to come up with the feature to auto play CIFs, videos and vines by default without any external help, following a style popularised by Instagram and Facebook.

Just as in the case of Facebook, videos on Twitter will be played automatically just as the user come across through it. There will be no volume when played by default, but if the user clicks on it, the video will be displayed along with audio. Similarly, GIFs and Vines uploaded on Twitter will behave the same. This new feature will be soon available on the web client and iOS app, with Android is catching up shortly.

In the field of broadcast and publicize, Twitter is setting up a new level for itself in case of outlook. The company will only show keen interest in charging for upgrading videos which are completely in-view on the person’s device and has been monitored for minimum 3 seconds. As claimed by this new instruction, if a broadcasted video is not fully in-view, the advertiser will not earn a penny.

As per recent ratings, there is a refinement due to the videos being played in a more proportionate and media-oriented format. People are 2.5X more interested in the videos being played automatically and also a raise of 14% has been noticed in video recall above other representation of videos.

As a result of the auto play trials, a 7X increase in the accomplishment of stimulating videos has been observed by Twitter. This new adaptation could come up with free video verdicts for publishers, remarkably on cell phones. But the company has to say that with this modification, it is setting a new standard of visibility and thus, “this is absolutely the perfect thing to be executed”.

Getting the new and modernised field of vision, Twitter is exclaiming itself to be “the leading platform” for broadcasters and promoters to upload there videos for immense publicity. Going with this or not, eventually this will be proven true, Twitter’s auto play feature will take over their competitors by captivating a large number of audiences.

The latest upcoming says Twitter is in agile consideration with Moat and Nielsen to invoke third party affirmation about the standard and measurement of Promoted Video strategies, favouring 100% clarity advertisers and marketers.

Google takes a step to discontinue PageSpeed Services since August 2015


PageSpeed Service is an online service which is used to speed up the pages automatically and moreover, this service is for free. Google declares that this service will be discontinued, “We see PageSpeed technology in a much broader aspect through our products and therefore, have decided to emphasize our efforts on improvising those.”

Google has broadcasted that the PageSpeed Service team will be focusing on their efforts again after 4.5 years and thus, as a result, PageSpeed services will be dismissed.

You must note that if you are recently using PageSpeed service by Google, then by August 2015, you will have to change your DNS else you will not be able to access your site.

You can see detailed instructions on how to remove your site from PageSpeed Service here.

If you liked the benefits of PageSpeed Service performance, Google states that the same technology as PageSpeed is being used by many other alternative providers.

The alternatives which are not at all affected by this statement and will continue to be assisted are the following:

  • Provider Hosted PageSpeed: PageSpeed is already affiliated by excessive web hosting providers. Check your provider’s authentication if you are using a provider as such for web hosting.
  • Server side modules: If you prefer running your personal web server, you are likely to come across the option to insert a PageSpeed module on it.
  • Apache: The open documentation Apache module mod_pagespeed has been developed by Google.
  • Nginx: Due to the attributes of Nginx, Google has come up with a plugin for Nginx.
  • IIS: At WeAmp, the folks have a productive port of PageSpeed to Microsoft IIS.
  • Apache Traffic Server: The PageSpeed service has been mentioned as ported to Apache Traffic server via WeAmp.
  • OpenLiteSpeed: A PageSpeed module is supported by OpenLiteSpeed which you can compose and upload in your web server.
  • Cloud based alternatives: Google PageSpeed is affiliated with EdgeCast Edge Optimizer with their CDN offering.

Google I/O 2015 announces lots of latest and Exciting Features


The Google’s Smartphone OS might lack in certain features, but it is on the verge of improving. Android M is one the latest version that surely focuses on different aspects of the system. Ranging from power management optimization to development of Android Play each and every feature has been well controlled.

Android M
Google has now introduced its next version of Android. The Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai said that it completely focuses on “polish and quality.” He also announces about the access of HBO Now on the Play Store.

Apps Permissions
It is the new feature that has been introduced in the latest OS. With “App permissions” Google simplifies the process among users to which data should be accessed while using the apps. In Android M users has the opportunity to see which apps will be using which specific elements of devices in an easy manner. Therefore, with help of apps on Android M you do not have to undergo any length permission procedure.Android M

Application Links
Developers now have the chance to add up some customized features through Chrome Custom Tabs that is displayed on top of apps. Google has made the process easier for apps and indicate links to open in which apps. In case of Pinterest app, there is a possibility of adding of custom transition animation that can further be linked to the Web.

Doze is the new feature introduced in Android M that comes with an enhanced power management system. You have the option of saving battery life when the motion sensor of your device is stagnant. Google claims that the apps will now learn about your sharing behavior and will identify the person with whom you share content.


Similar to that of Apple’s latest MacBook, Android comes up with complete support for USB Type C. This gives the ability to charge device at 3.5 times higher speed. The versatility of USB Type C relates to its ample usage. You can either use it as a charger or transferring data.

Android Pay
In the keynote, Google reveals that it plans to expand Android Play by making a partnership with different mobile providers. This will help to pre-install features on Android devices. Their partnership plan may include businesses like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. Android M offers an inbuilt fingerprint sensor that helps users to make payment just by using their fingerprints.

Android Pay

Android Wear
The new Android Wear updates with also include “Always On” feature that helps the apps to stay on screen. This facilitates user to view information at any time even in low power. Therefore, users do not have to tap their screen to open the app.

Android Wear

Moving with their recent 5.1.1 update, the Android Wear helps to draw emoji and control watches with different gestures. This helps to have easy access to apps. Google further says there are around 4,000 apps designed particularly for Android Wear.

Internet of Things
Google is now working on its Next acquisition and has entered into “Internet of Things.” Brillo has come from Android and it functions on the same code and core of drivers. It is capable of providing low power as well as wireless solutions to users. This is highly flexible solution which can be used from different Android devices. Weave, is the language name adopted that can communicate between Brillo OS and the cloud.

Internet of Things

Google Now
Do you want to make your Smartphone smarter? Google says that the Company is working on this factor, so that Google Now can turn out to be more contextual which can easily learn your behaviors and lifestyle. In order to give better assistance in your daily life, Google Now offers proactive answers to users.

Google Now’s Now on Tap

With “Now on Tap” feature you can get context, depending on what you are searching on your screen. Just by holding the home button, you can get all the contextual information.

Google Photos
It is one of the best features introduced. Too many photos are clicked every day and with Google Photos you have the chance to keep a backup of photos. You can browse through photos across the timeline. Photos are sorted based on people and places automatically.

Google Photos

Google Photos can also be used to make videos and collages based on different suggestions offered by the app. You can auto create a movie based on the recent content.

Offline connectivity
Android is found in different parts of the world and so Google thought of making its apps available in region where internet is limited. It has launched YouTube offline in various developing countries and also offers offline support.

Offline connectivity

Through Offline Maps it enables users to have easy access to location and search directions without the help of internet connection.
Developer tools
Thinking about the developer, Google has introduced Android Studio 1.3 and Polymer 1.0. Through Android Studio it is possible to enjoy complete editing and debugging solution. It supports C++ and helps developers to have access to different SDKs through CocoaPods.

Developer tools

Google is planning to introduce Cloud Test Lab that can surely automate the app testing in different devices to offer crash reports.

Through Cloud Messaging to iOS the users can subscribe to different topics and get updates based on relevance. Through new AdMob tools you can measure engagement and ads that can include data related to the valuable users.

Android Nanodegree
A partnership with Udacity will give a chance to learn about all things Android. It is a six month course which may cost around $200 per semester.

Virtual Reality
Google has already outlined its short and long term plan related to Virtual Reality. Google has unveiled Google Cardboard SDK for Unity that contains improved viewer and makes it easy to assemble. It will not only support Android, but also iOS.

“Expeditions” is a new plan that is introduced in VR in the line of education. It is a program that allows teacher to have control on virtual field trip destination. Students can easily explore different new places from Google Cardboard.

Virtual Reality

Google announces about “Jump” which is a new camera system that allows the creator to record the VR video. The specialized rig software enables to translate video. Variety and type of images as well as videos can be increased with this system.

Google has partnered with GoPro in order to sell their Jump ready camera rig. YouTube is in charge of supporting stereoscopic videos.

You can now post GIFs on Facebook


Facebook became all new with the latest statement being issued to TechCrunch. It said “We have come up with animated GIFs support in News Feed. This facility has been upgraded for you to enjoy Facebook more and have lots of fun with your friends here.”

Well, you are free to express your feelings now in Facebook with a little added fun. Your News Feed will consist of more humor now as Facebook can support GIFs.


Earlier, users on Facebook could insert GIFs only from Giphy. GIFs could only be uploaded by users directly from the website which belongs to the company. But all that is past, now Facebook has embedded GIF support which helps to add images from various sites.

Wondering how this works? It is very simple. Just copy the GIF URL and paste it in the status bar as you would manage any other link. However, in other words, you will not be able to upload GIFs straight.

As of now, GIF support is available to users but not yet for the business pages in Facebook. It has been reported by TechCrunch that Facebook’s mobile app does not support GIF yet, but it can be expected to be available in the nearest future.