Terms of Use

At Buzzindian, we believe in abiding by the best industry practices while offering the most reliable services to our clients. We aim to build a long term relationship with our customers. Henceforth, we request you to carefully read the terms and conditions given herewith before using Buzzindian website and our services.

1. Eligibility of using Buzzindian website

1.1. Our services are not intended for someone below 18 years of age. It is strictly prohibited to them. By using this site, you warrant Buzzindian that you are 18 years old and above.
1.2. Those who have not been suspended previously from our service or have not been prohibited from accessing this website.
1.3. Users cannot use this website if they are prohibited by the laws of the country in accordance with this terms and conditions.


2. Privacy Policy
Buzzindian is strictly committed to the privacy of our clients. We collect personal information solely for serving our clients and improving their experience with us. With such details (name, email id, contact no., etc.), our team can contact you to answer your queries, give you project updates and other service related work.
We do not disclose such personal information to any third party. However, in case of legal issues, we might reveal your details to government or other concerned official.

3. Responsibility of User account

3.1. The user account and password used at the time of registration is the sole liability of the user.
3.2. The confidentiality and all activities performed under the registered id is completely the concern of the user.
3.3. Users must properly exit the account once a particular session is over.
3.4. In case you forget your password, we would recommend you to change it immediately.
3.5. If in case, there is an unauthorized use of your account or password, you are liable to inform Buzzindian at the earliest.


4. Copyright on website elements

4.1. All the elements including texts, images, graphics, etc. are copyright protected and owned by Buzzindian.
4.2. No user is allowed to copy, duplicate, modify, reproduce any of these without due permission of the company. Or else, such act will be considered as violation of the Copyright Act.
4.3. You are strictly not permitted to transfer or sell any data or information from this website unless the company agrees to it.
4.4. Violation of any of these clauses might lead to financial compensation or other legal actions as per the law of the land.


5. Rights owned by Buzzindian

5.1. Buzzindian owns all rights to bring changes in the terms and conditions anytime we think necessary.
5.2. However, we are not liable to give any prior notice or information to our clients or users.
5.3. The effect of this terms and conditions will continue until it is terminated by the company.
5.4. We also reserve the right to terminate our association with our influencers or clients in case there is a breach of terms by either party.


6. Other T&C for brands

6.1. The requests made by the brands for contents in their influencer marketing should not be defamatory or offensive.
6.2. All the campaigning uploads should be free of spam.
6.3. One account should be for one user only. We strictly do not encourage shared accounts.

Terms and conditions for influencers

1. All influencers represented on this website are for carrying out campaigns for brands.
2. Brands have the freedom of choice in selecting the influencer associated with Buzzindian.
3. No influencer can participate in any campaign of his or her employer where he or she has a direct interest.
4. Incentive of the influencer will be paid after the completion of the project.
5. It is the sole responsibility of the influencer to ensure that no activity during the campaign negatively impacts or defames the brand or the client.
6. Influencers are completely responsible for their own contents. Hence, they must ensure that every material they upload is in compliance with our T&C.
7. Buzzindian strictly follows punctuality. Therefore, all our influencers should make their content submission within the due date without any delay.

By browsing, using, registering or subscribing our website, you agree to be bound by all the given terms and conditions. In case you do not agree to any of these, then we won’t be able to serve you.




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